Naomi Lillian Anderson......Daughter of Tim & Tina Anderson..Sample of Announcement

Congratulations, Naomi

We are so very proud of you!

High school graduation wishes are sent to students who complete high school and prepares to enter college life for further education or start other endeavors. They are a celebration of accomplishment. The high school graduation wishes can be sent through beautiful text messages, cards or through social networking sites, such as this one. One can also send presents or money along with the best wishes for the student for his or her future.


Let us see some of the samples of high school graduation messages sent in different ways: High School Graduation Messages from Parents High school graduation means preparing for entering college life. The high school life is a time where students enjoy the best of their student life and have beautiful moments with their friends. A high school graduation wish from the parents is a special gift in itself for the student who fells proud by the high success sermons for his or her parents. “Dear son, we send loads of heartiest congratulations on your grand high school graduation success and also send best wishes for a better future as you soon will enter college life for further education.” High School Graduation Messages Congratulations High school congratulations wishes are good wishes for a better future sent to the students for their grand success and their better future. The wishes can be sent through beautiful cards, text messages or social media with congratulatory wishes. One can also send gifts with the cards to make the student feel happier. “Congratulations on your grand high school graduation success brother. I wish you all the luck for your future and pray for better opportunities your way in your career ahead.” High School Graduation Messages for Friends Graduation wishes among friends are sent for wishing a good future with good opportunities in the future career. Through there is competition among friends for the grand success, even though during the celebration of success they come together to ride on the carriage of grand celebration. “Friend, I send good wishes for brighter opportunities ahead and heartiest congratulations on your bright graduation success. I wish you all the good luck in the world for a brighter future ahead my friend.”

Love, Mom & Dad

Cost for a full web page with a card or up to 4 pictures and up to a full page of text (must be submitted electronically so it can be cut and pasted into the web site) $50.00. This announcement will be accessible to anyone with internet access. You can share this with friends and family worldwide! 100% of the proceeds from this will be deposited into the Turlte Cove General Operating Fund. Celebrate your graduate's success while supporting Turtle Cove.

On the primary navigation bar, at the top of the page, next to "Photo Gallery", will be the caption "2018 TC Graduates". The drop-down will include the name of your graduate, which will open their page.


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