Important Announcements

  • ATV's are not allowed on any common areas including beaches, campground/ballfield and golf course.

  • ATV's are only allowed on public streets if properly tagged and equipped and operated by a licensed driver.

  • Speed limit in Turtle Cove is 30 MPH, unless otherwise posted. Please observe "Blind Drive" street signs.

  • No weapons allowed at any common area, including but not limited to, beach area, clubhouse, pool or golf course.

  • Jasper County has a leash law for dogs and cats. Please respect this law in our community.

  • Trash collection is every Monday, with holiday exceptions. See Advanced Disposal web site for details.

  • Members open meeting is held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the lounge meeting room, except for the members annual meeting held on the following Saturday, per our bylaws.