Jackson Lake Water Levels - 2018 drawdown info.

  • Full Pool for Jackson Lake is 530 feet above sea level.
  • Georgia Power will begin lowering the lake on or around October 7
  • Hope to arrive at the 523.0′ MSL on or around October 19, 2018.
  • The lake will be held at the 523.0′ MSL for approximately 3 weeks. 
  • Power Generation will begin refilling the lake on November 10
  • Expecting the lake to be back to the 528.5′ MSL elevation on or around Nov. 19

10/3-528.62; 10/4-528.58'; 10/5-528.51'; 10/6-528.44'; 10/7-528.34'; 10/8-528.26'; 10/9-527.72'

10/10-526.70'; 10/11-526.51'; 10/12-528.89'; 10/13-529.22'; 528.97'; 10/15-528.44': 10/16-527.73';

10/17-526.96'; 10/18 - 526.06'; 10/19-525.08'

October 18, 2018 - Lake is down 3' 6.48" - 2' 0.96" remaining drop to target of 523'

Source: Georgia Power http://georgiapowerlakes.com/lakejackson/lake-levels/


Welcome to Turtle Cove!

Turtle Cove is a property owned community located on Jackson Lake in Monticello, Ga. Whether you are an owner/member, perspective owner or just looking, please feel free to navigate our site. If you have questions or would like additional information, contact our office or one of our Turtle Cove real estate specialists listed on this page or on our service page tab. If you would like to use our map, below, to locate specific addresses, please feel free to open instruction showing how to use it. OPEN INSTRUCTIONS

We offer our POA members:

  • 9 hole executive golf course
  • Swimming pool
  • 5 beaches & 4 boat ramps
  • Tennis courts
  • Clubhouse with Lounge and Restaurant

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