Clubhouse Lounge

Lounge Hours of Operations

Children under 21 years of age are not allowed in the Lounge after 9 PM when alcohol is being served, unless it is a private party.



Last Saturday of Every Month at 7pm and NEW Thursday Night Trivia!

Please Drink Responsibly
The consumption of beverages containing alcohol is allowed at all of the Turtle Cove Recreation areas (except Pheasant Beach, which is designated as the Family Beach). The Turtle Cove Restaurant and Lounge serve beverages containing alcohol to our members and their guests. These areas are provided for the enjoyment of all residents. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that all residents should demonstrate respect and consideration for each other when enjoying these locations.

Those choosing to drink alcoholic beverages should take extra care, as excess alcohol can impair one's ability to evaluate what is and what may not be acceptable or respectful behavior. Members and guests enjoying activities at the clubhouse or other recreational areas should not be subjected to profane language or lewd behavior, especially families with small children.

Georgia Law defines "public intoxication" as appearing in an intoxicated condition in a public place or on private property without permission; and being boisterous, vulgar, profane or loud; or appearing in and indecent condition (such as nude or partially nude) or performing an indecent act (such as public urination).

Ten Tips for Drinking Responsibly

  1. If you drink alcohol, stay within your tolerance level;
  2. Don't drink with people who encourage "binge" drinking;
  3. Know what you're drinking. Be aware of the alcohol content before consuming more than one drink
  4. Have no more than one drink per hour. One drink is a 12 ounce beer, a 5 ounce glass of wine or 1.5 ounces of 40% alcohol;
  5. Eat food or drink water to allow the alcohol to diffuse through your body;
  6. Avoid drinking games. These games encourage "binge" drinking;
  7. Avoid peer pressure to drink excessively. You don't need to "keep up";
  8. Stop drinking if you start to feel drunk. Symptoms of intoxication include feeling a loss of control over your thoughts, blurry vision, slurred speech, and difficulty maintaining your balance.
  9. Don't accept a drink from a stranger;
  10. Don't drive if you've been drinking. This includes the operation of a watercraft.


Upcoming Events:

In an effort to protect our Employees and Patrons from the spread of Covid-19, effective immediately, Turtle Cove Restaurant & Lounge will be closed to all indoor dining and activities until at least January 5, 2021, over an abundance of caution concerning Covid-19.  Only deliveries and curbside pickup will be available during our normal business hours for lunch and dinner.  If you have any questions, please call Craig at the restaurant, 706-468-8806.