Ladies Golf Association (LGA)

The Turtle Cove Ladies Golf Association (LGA) was created in 1983 to promote golf for the women in Turtle Cove Subdivision. The association brings about a spirit of cooperation between this golf association and other state golf clubs. It also extends the facilities and opportunities, both social and recreational to the women of this club. Any property owner is encouraged to join the LGA. From October-April we meet at 11:30am for lunch, then at 12:30pm we play. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. We also eat lunch together before or after play.

The LGA hosts four tournaments each year, including the Invitational and LGA championship. The Magic Cup is also a tournament run jointly with the MGA to help raise money for the Turtle Cove golf course. We also host other social events for members throughout the year. The LGA is instrumental in providing toys and money to the Toys for Tots program sponsored by the US Marine Corps.

New members are ALWAYS welcome. We encourage any ladies wishing to play or learn to play to contact Toni Reese. She can be reached through the Turtle Cove Club House office.

Download the Turtle Cove Golf Rules

For any questions regarding LGA please contact:
Toni Reese 706-468-1129