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Turtle Cove is a property owned community located on Jackson Lake in Monticello, Ga. Whether you are an owner/member, perspective owner or just looking, please feel free to navigate our site. The entire site is open and no login is necessary (login is for webmasters and admins only) to view the entire content. If you have questions or would like additional information, contact our office or one of our Turtle Cove real estate specialists listed on this page or on our service page tab. 

We offer our POA members:

  • 9 hole executive golf course
  • Swimming pool
  • 5 beaches & 4 boat ramps
  • Tennis courts
  • Clubhouse with Lounge and Restaurant




This year (2023), when the ballots were mailed for the new board member election, a partial box of envelopes left over from the 2022 mailing was utilized. What the office didn't realize at the time was that a small amount of these envelopes were stuffed with last year's unused ballots. This resulted in a few people receiving the old 2022 ballot choices. In most cases, this was also accompanied with the correct ballots for this year. 

A corrected ballot has been mailed out with your May water bill. If you do not receive water bills and need a new ballot, please visit the office or call us to request a new one. The 2023 Ballot must be placed in the appropriate envelope that you have already received. If you have received last year's ballot dated 2022, it will have the wrong 5 candidates listed and if utilized, the votes will not be counted. 

If you have already voted and utilized the old ballot please contact Kevin Gilbert at 585-202-7334 and he will discuss the procedure to replace the ballots.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Please see this years board member candidate bios below! Ballots must be turned in to the office by Friday, June 16th at 5pm and winners will be announced on Saturday, June 17th at the Annual Board Meeting.



Turtle Cove Weather

Turtle Cove KGAMONTI6 Weather Station is owned and operated by our fellow Turtle Cove resident, Matt Fronzak. The Weather Station is physically located in Turtle Cove, so if you want exact weather information for Turtle Cove, click the pic below to go to Matt's site. Great info. there!  Thanks, Matt!