Safety at Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove Property Owners Association employs a full time security officer to patrol the common areas, in addition to canvassing the entire property. Our officer has a strong working relationship with the Sheriff’s office and meets with them often to discuss the needs of Turtle Cove.

Our roads and homes are under the jurisdiction of Jasper County and Sheriffs will respond to any call within our  community. We enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment in Turtle Cove, but if we need them, they are very responsive to our concerns and requests.

Turtle Cove maintains a close professional and personal relationship with the Jasper County Sheriff’s office. Our County Sheriffs are in our neighborhood about 4-6 times per day. Over half of these calls are “Home Checks”. Residents can request the police to check their houses, while they are away. An officer will visit the house 1-2 times per day and conduct a walk-around to check its integrity and security. This service is available to all residents.

Jasper County Fire Rescue is a combined department providing Fire and EMS services for our entire county. They are a combination department utilizing both career members, as well as volunteers, in order to provide emergency services to our community. Jasper County Fire Rescue operates out of 7 Fire Stations located throughout the county with 2 of these stations being manned 24/7. These manned Fire Stations are located at 185 Hwy 212 West Monticello and 4431 Jackson Lake Rd. Monticello. The department also maintains an ISO rating of a 5/5x.

Turtle Cove is, primarily, served by the 24/7 facility on Jackson Lake Rd. It is approximately 1 mile away, near the JLR/212 intersection. The other 24/7 location is less than 10 miles away.

Turtle Cove is a member of the Firewise USA Program, Residents Reducing Wildfire Risks. You can learn more about this program on this web site by navigating to Corporate > A&E > Firewise Project > Documents & Links or clicking on the logo to visit the national web site.

As part of the Georgia lakes system, Jackson Lake is owned by Georgia Power and patrolled by the Georgia DNR law enforcement division. DNR officers offer boating safety classes, every year, for our residents to qualify for boating licenses. Boating violations may be reported to 1-800-241-4113 (24 hrs) or 478-751-6415 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30 pm).

As is the case of most communities, Turtle Cove is not crime-free but we do consider ourselves “Crime Resistant”, due to the multi-layer prevention network set up to help our owners/residents protect their families and property.