TCWD - Report a Water Dept. Issue

Please use the electronic form below to report an issue to our water department. This information will be submitted to water department personnel and responded to as soon as possible. If you have a picture of a situation, you can attach it to the form. Please let us know if this is an administrative or operational issue so we can route it to the correct personnel.

You will receive an immediate email to the address you listed on the form, letting you know that the form has been received and what data was transmitted.

If this is an operational emergency, please contact Sam (706) 476-1436 or Everett (678)618-8060

Electronic Report Form for TCWD Issues

  • Please complete and submit this form to report water-related issues. Your inquiry will be handled as soon as we possibly can. Service is very important to us and we will address your reported issue in a timely manner. Please be aware that we cannot begin fixing any leaks or work on issues without completiion of emergency service locates from CGEMC and ATT. We need to know if there are electric conductors or communication cables where we are going to have to dig. This procedure is for the safety of our personnel and your convenience.

    Thank you for your submission!

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    Payments & Rates


    Water bills are due on the 25th of each month. Cash, check, money order or credit card accepted. There is a Drop-Box located on the outside of the clubhouse for your convenience. You may also set up automatic ACH debit or credit for water bill payment (ask for details at the office).

    Accepting Check or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover) For Payment.

    For Online Water Payments, you can use TC Bill Pay (no service charges).

    Water Rates

    Paid RTS Dues Status for 2021:

    0-4000 Gallons = $40.00
    4000-10,000 = $6.00 Per 1000 Gallons
    Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

    Unpaid RTS Dues Status for 2021:

    0-2000 Gallons = $65.00
    2000-10,000 = $12.00 Per 1000 Gallons
    Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

    • $10.00 Late charge after the 25th will be applied to the past-due amount of the water bill. 
    • $75.00 Re-connect fee for non-payment of water.
    • $100.00 Deposit for new home-owners. This deposit is refundable after 2 years of good payment history.
    • $175.00 Deposit for those with a Contract for Deed.  Refundable when contract is complete and with good payment history.
    • $175.00 Deposit for Renters.  Refundable when you move out of Turtle Cove and last water bill has been settled.
    • $1350 New meter installation on property
    • $250 Removal of water meter on property
    • $250 Meter/Lock Tampering fee
    • $35 Return Check fee