Tennis Courts

Pickleball/Tennis Court Rules

  1. Only members and their dependents and guests are authorized to use the tennis courts.
  2. Your membership card must be presented when asked.
  3. Courts are for tennis only.  No skateboard, roller skates, bicycles, basketballs, etc.
  4. Do not hang on the nets.
  5. Only non-marring tennis shoes are allowed.
  6. No glass allowed.
  7. Place your trash in the trash container.
  8. Make sure the courts are locked when you leave.
  9. Hours for Use:  The tennis courts may be used from 9:00 am - dark
  10. Animal/Pets:  No animal or pet is permitted inside the fenced area of the tennis courts at any time.
  11. Loud or Objectionable Noise:  No loud or objectionable noise, including radios and car stereos, is permitted in the tennis court area.  Residents or guests using the courts should be considerate of other residents.
  12. Posted Rules:  Residents and their guests must abide by these rules and all rules posted in the tennis court area.  The Board reserves the right to deny tennis court privileges to any resident who abuses the tennis court rules or whose guest(s) abuses the tennis court rules.