Architectural & Environmental Committee

The A&E Committee (Architectural and Environmental) verifies through documentation as well as visually that all structures built and maintained within the Turtle Cove subdivision meet the guidelines set forth by the Restrictive Covenants, Required Documents and Policies. They also recommend Policies to the TCPOA Board of Directors for the purpose of implementing their directives.

The A&E Committee must approve any structure, including but not limited to, houses, docks, decks, porches, boathouses, boatlifts, shoreline excavation, garages, in ground swimming pools, gazebos, pet enclosures or fences that are constructed and tree removal. According to the Turtle Cove Restrictive Covenants all structures must be approved before they are built.

Questions? Please call the office at 706-468-8805 or by email:

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Jasper County wishes to remind you that permits are required when you add on or make changes to your home. The permit process allows them to inspect the work to ensure that your home remains structurally sound and safe for you, and to keep the records accurate for the Tax Assessor. Permits are required by both Turtle Cove and Jasper County for building or enlarging decks, porches, entrances, widening driveways, retaining walls, additions and other exterior changes and improvements. Jasper County permits may be necessary for interior work where electrical, HVAC, and/or plumbing is modified or added.

Jasper County has become aware that many home-owners have replaced their shingled roofs with metal roofs without obtaining a building permit. Notices are being sent to the homeowners that have been identified; but they are requesting that any other homeowner's, with non-permitted metal roofs, to contact them so it can be permitted and recorded.

If you have questions for A & E, or to request a permit from Turtle Cove, please contact: The Turtle Cove office at 706-468-8805

If you have questions on County permitting, please call Shane Sealy, Jasper County Planning & Zoning at 706-468-4905

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To notify the A & E committee, please send an email to