Beaches & Boat Ramps

Our five private beaches each offer wonderful lake experiences for all ages. All locations have a sandy beach, dock and designated swimming areas. Four beaches have boat ramps. All offer picnic areas with grills and picnic tables. Our Private beach amenities are free to residents, their family and guests but all vehicles must display a daily or annual parking pass. Daily parking passes are available at the Clubhouse Office or at The Pro Shop for guests daily and annual passes. All passes require a valid car registration and members must be in good standing on their account. Only Residents and property owners can purchase a yearly pass. Pheasant Beach is our designated "Family Beach" where no alcohol is allowed.
**Porta potties have been ordered and are expected to be delivered mid May**

**Vehicles parked at a Turtle Cove beach without valid pass or decal are subject to towing at owner's expense**

Updated: 2023

In an effort to increase the use and enjoyment of our beaches for Turtle Cove POA Members and authorized guests this summer, we have a few reminders and enhancements. 

We are implementing wristbands that must be worn by all members while at any Turtle Cove beach. These wristbands must be picked up at the Clubhouse as soon as possible.

Guests under 10 years of age must wear a Daily Use Guest Wristband. A Daily Use Guest Wristband can be purchased at the front office or at the Pro Shop for $5.00. You must show a current year membership card to purchase a wristband. Please have this available when coming to the Clubhouse to purchase guest wristbands or to pick up your member wristbands. 

-The beaches are only to be used by Turtle Cove POA Members in good standing and their guests.

-All guests must be with a Turtle Cove POA member over the age of 19.

-Turtle Cove Members must wear the wristbands when visiting the beach.

-All vehicles parked at the beach must have a current Turtle Cove POA parking pass.

-Driving or parking on the beach is prohibited. 

-Music played on the beach should not be heard more than 25 feet from the source of the music. 

-Music with vulgar or inappropriate language is prohibited at the beaches.


Turtle Cove security will again this year work with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department to patrol our beaches and neighborhood. We have asked the Sheriff’s department to enforce all rules and laws of the state, county and Turtle Cove POA. 

-We have authorized the Sheriff’s Department to ticket and tow unauthorized vehicles without Turtle Cove POA parking passes or guest passes at the beach. 

-We have asked the Sheriff to check for wrist bands on Members, and that all guests have a guest wristband and are with a Member in good standing at least 19 years old. 

-The Sheriff will enforce underage drinking laws and all laws and rules of the state, county and Turtle Cove POA.


For more photos of our beaches, please visit our: Photo Gallery for Beaches
Each beach is conveniently located on the street it is named after.


Firearms are PROHIBITED on any common property area in Turtle Cove. Please do not bring your weapon to the clubhouse, swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, beaches or campground areas.

Beach and Boat Ramp Rules