Turtle Cove Advertising Info.

Advertising Rates

Monthly Newsletter $25

Monthly Turtle Cove Website $25

Monthly Tidbits Blast email twice a week $25

All the above monthly $65

1/4 page newsletter add $100 a month

Duration of ads are 3 months, 6 months or 1 year

Our Monthly Newsletter is mailed to all residents in their water bill (approx. 820 copies). You can see the newsletters at Members > Newsletters

Tidbits is emailed to all subscribers at least twice a week. This email contains reminders, updates and new/current information supplementing our Newsletter.

Our web site is available to everyone and currently has about 1200 visitors/month. Your ad will be linked to your website so visitors can go directly to your site and return to ours when they finish. 

Turtle Cove advertising offers access to a very targeted audience living on Jackson Lake. If you want to get the word out to our community, this is your best source! Whether it is only for 3 months or all year, our members will get your message.

Thank you for considering advertising with Turtle Cove POA!

If you have further questions or need additional information, please call our office at 706-468-8805.





Monthly Newsletter

Tidbits Electronic Email Supplemental

Submit Your Advertisement

  • If you would like to advertise in our publications, please fill out the information below and submit to our advertising department. If you are advertising on our website, please submit the website address you would like for us to link your ad to. We ask for your email address to send you confirmations of your submittal. If possible, please upload the artwork for your ad to this submittal or mail to: TCPOA ADS, 222 Clubhouse Drive, Monticello, GA 31064. 

    Thank you for chosing Turtle Cove for your advertising campaign!

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    • Please specify the date you would like to start and stop the ad. You can leave the "Stop Date" blank, if you would like us to confirm placement and content of your ad for future months. The monthly newsletter is printed at the beginning of the month and ads must be submitted before the 20th of the preceeding month.

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    • Turtle Cove POA reserves the right to refuse any ads that seem to be inappropriate for our publications.