Safety at Turtle Cove

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office announces the inception of their new Crime Suppression Unit. The unit is part of the sheriff's comprehensive plan which focuses on and targets the illegal drug trade and drug use in our community.

The Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) is currently made up of three deputies who are undergoing specialized training to enhance their capabilities and maximize the effectiveness of the unit as a whole. This concept is a new approach which alleviates the limitation previously placed on deputies who operated under the assignment of a particular division and allows deputies to per-form a multitude of tasks.

This innovative approach allows the Sheriff's Office to target specific and individual needs of different neighborhoods as they arise. For example, if we receive information that a specific house is selling drugs we can use CSU to do surveillance and traffic stops in order to make arrests and develop probable cause to obtain a search warrant. CSU will work the problem from start to finish.

CSU is not limited to drug enforcement alone. This unit is also used to target specific areas with an outbreak of burglaries and thefts with concentrated patrol; encourage speed reduction in residential areas where children play; and, target DUIs on weekends and holidays. The key benefit is helping all citizens with a variety of troubling concerns on an individual basis. The ultimate goal is to provide enhanced services and to resolve issues.