Turtle Cove Water Department

The Turtle Cove POA (Water System #: GA1590002) owns and operates our private water system. Currently, we have 10 wells, located throughout the community, with a maximum production of 590 gallons per minute. These wells pump water to our 300,000 gallon water tower. Water is then gravity fed to the 985 homes in Turtle Cove via 27 miles of underground pipe. Water volume is monitored by Neptune smart water meters, installed at each home.

The well water is filtered by a pressurized filtration system using greensand plus. Greensand Plus is a filter media for removing iron, manganese, arsenic, radium and hydrogen sulfide. Our water supply is located in the Piedmont area and supplied by an aquifer, which consists of Granite, Gneiss, and Met sediments.

The Turtle Cove Water Department follows strict guidelines provided by the EPD and DNR. Water samples are collected each month at different locations throughout Turtle Cove & sent to the EPD lab for microbiological testing. In addition, TCWD also conducts chlorine, manganese, iron & ph residual testing to ensure proper levels are maintained throughout the neighborhood. Reports of EPD testing can be viewed at the clubhouse.

The improvements to customer service haven’t ended there. The Neptune meters we've installed allows the Turtle Cove Water Department to share consumption data with our customers, helping curb excessive usage while identifying continuous leaks much earlier than before. Our Water Superintendent stated, “It’s allowed us to be more proactive, to use data to notify customers of issues without them having to request that information. And by showing them on graphs they understand. It also helps them avoid any surprises. These meters are some of the best on the market & are manufactured in America! Long trusted by thousands of utilities across North America, Neptune T-10 water meters are time-proven for accuracy and dependability, even at low flow rates."

Any questions about water bills, payments, or general inquiries, please contact the office at 706-468-8805 or email

Water Leaks during  business hours: 706-468-8805
After hours EMERGENCIES, call Justin 706-818-5876 or Sam 706-476-2610

Water Dept. Business Hours: same as office hours listed at the bottom of this page.

Your Turtle Cove water service is a GREAT VALUE !

When you turn on the tap, it’s easy to see what your water bill buys. What’s not as easy to see is what it takes to bring that water to your home:

  • The miles of pipeline hidden below the ground.
  • The facilities that draw water from the source
  • The process to treat and test the water.
  • Our dedicated maintenance crew will do what it takes to make sure that water is always there when you need it.

Your water payments are helping to build a better tomorrow by supporting needed improvements that will keep water flowing  for all of us—today and well into the future. In fact, from replacing water mains and pipelines, to installing advanced metering technology that helps reduce water leaks, to enhancing our treatment capabilities that improve efficiency and reliability, the investments we make help ensure that we are well positioned to continue to meet resident and public safety needs that you rely on every day.

All for about a penny a gallon! .......and, as a member of the TCPOA, you own the water system!

Payments & Rates


Water bills are due on the 25th of each month. Cash, check, money order or credit card accepted. There is a Drop-Box located on the outside of the clubhouse for your convenience. You may also set up ACH debit for water bills.

Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover For Payment.

For Online Water Payments, go to the TC Bill Pay page

Water Rates

Paid Dues Status for 2018:

0-4000 Gallons = $40.00
4000-10,000 = $6.00 Per 1000 Gallons
Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

Unpaid Dues Status for 2018:

0-2000 Gallons = $65.00
2000-10,000 = $12.00 Per 1000 Gallons
Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

  • $10.00 Late charge after the 25th will be applied to the past-due amount of the water bill. 
  • $75.00 Re-connect fee for non-payment of water.
  • $100.00 Deposit for new home-owners. This deposit is refundable after 2 years of good payment history.
  • $175.00 Deposit for Renters.  Refundable when you move out of Turtle Cove and last water bill has been settled.
  • $1350 New meter installation on property
  • $250 Removal of water meter on property
  • $250 Meter/Lock Tampering fee
  • $35 Return Check fee