2018-2019 Board of Directors

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If you have questions or concerns about roads/streets in Turtle Cove, please go to Members > Links > JC Planning & Zoning, Request Road Repair and fill in the online form.

  • Wayne Hayes
    President - Safety

  • Chuck Feistkorn
    VP - Legal - Water

  • Dorothy Cedars

  • Bobbie Elkins
    Secretary-Pool & Tennis

  • Terry Wynn

  • Kevin Gilbert

  • Sonny Braswell

  • Samantha Wilcox
    Interior/Exterior Clubhouse

  • Justin Cornell

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  • Your comments will be discussed at the next closed meeting of the board of directors, which is held the third Monday of every month, unless it can be resolved without discussion. You will be contacted, upon receipt of this document, concerning the status of this request. You will receive an immediate email confirming that our server has received you transmittal and what was transmitted.

Meeting Minutes

August 2019 Meeting Minutes

June Annual Meeting-no minutes

May 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

March 2019 Meeting Minutes

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

December 2018 Meeting Minutes
      Guest speakers: Sheriff Donnie Pope
      & Commissioner Don Jernigan
November 2018 Open Meeting Minutes

October 2018 Open Meeting Minutes

September 2018 Open Meeting Minutes

      Guest Speaker Justin Cornell
      Turtle Cove Water Superintendent
       Guest Speaker  Beryl Budd
       Georgia Forestry Commission
          Wildfire Prevention Specialist
         Guest Speaker  Dr. Mike Newton
         Jasper Co. School Superintendent
          Annual Meeting