Water Department

Turtle Cove has approximately 10 wells throughout the community with a maximum production of 590 gallons per minute, all are filtered which provide our drinking water. Our water supply is located in the Piedmont area and supplied by an aquifer, which consists of Granite, Gneiss, and Met sediments.  It is virtually free of Iron and Manganese minerals providing cleaner water. The Turtle Cove Water Department follows strict guidelines provided the EPD and CDC and DNR. The water is tested monthly. Reports can be viewed at the Clubhouse.

Any questions about water bills, payments, or general inquiries, please contact the office at 706-468-8805 or email

Water Leaks during  business hours: 706-468-8805
After hours EMERGENCIES, call Justin 706-818-5876 or Sam 706-476-2610

Water bills are due on the 25th of each month. Cash, check, money order or credit card accepted. There is a Drop-Box located on the outside of the clubhouse for your convenience. You may also set up ACH debit for water bills.

Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover For Payment.

For Online Water Payments, Go To:

Water Rates

Paid Dues Status for 2017:

0-4000 Gallons = $40.00
4000-10,000 = $6.00 Per 1000 Gallons
Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

Unpaid Dues Status for 2017:

0-2000 Gallons = $65.00
2000-10,000 = $12.00 Per 1000 Gallons
Over 10,000 Gallons = $10.00 Per 1000 Gallons

  • $10.00 Late charge after the 25th will be applied to the past-due amount of the water bill. 
  • $75.00 Re-connect fee for non-payment of water.
  • $100.00 Deposit for new home-owners. This deposit is refundable after 2 years of good payment history.
  • $175.00 Deposit for Renters.  Refundable when you move out of Turtle Cove and last water bill has been settled.
  • $1350 New meter installation on property
  • $250 Removal of water meter on property
  • $250 Meter/Lock Tampering fee
  • $25 Return Check fee