Women's Club of Turtle Cove

AUGUST…..Ready for those “Dog Days,” the start of the hottest, most sultry days of summer? The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.  Of course, I always thought the term meant “it’s so hot your dogs are belly-down on the concrete, trying to stay cool…” Thank goodness, we have the TC Clubhouse, lake, and multiple activities to counteract that heat!

The Good Neighbor Award—we are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Mr. Terry Wynn, TCPOA Board member, Jasper Co. Planning Commission member, AND certainly the model for what Turtle Cove neighbors should be as indicated by these nominating comments: “He donates countless hours volunteering for TC—painting the pool bathrooms, parking lot lines at the Clubhouse as well as Whippoorwill Beach, and even the Jasper Co. firehouse located nearby—and works behind the scenes, not wanting personal recognition.  He is a real asset and friend to all of us in Turtle Cove, working very hard to make our community a better place to live.”  Please offer congratulations the next time you see him!

The new Turtle Cove Cookbook is in “the works” as I type.  We are looking to collect recipes from ALL YOU TURTLE COVE AND JASPER AREA COOKS, AND I KNOW YOU MEN ARE SERVING UP DELIGHTS IN THE KITCHEN AS WELL!  Pick up as many forms as you want at the TC Office and turn in to the wonderful ladies there at the Office or any Woman’s Club Board member by August 20 for publication.  Directions to submit are SIMPLE and CLEAR.  Contact Cyndi Wright at 770.864.4988 for more information.  We thank you in advance for your contributions.

Sip ‘n Shuck Fundraiser for Pheasant Beach Playground Equipment with Kelly Rand (August 3) will be a jewelry-making event in the Turtle Cove Lounge from 5-7.   Participants will be shucking oysters to obtain pearls and then fashioning a pendant cage for the pearl(s).  The price is $30 per person; all proceeds remaining from the purchase of materials will be donated to the Pheasant Beach Playground fund.  Please call the TC Office by Wed., July 31 to reserve your space!

With the start of school coming closer and closer, The MLJ (Much Love and Joy) Fund is currently raising funds for the bulk-purchase of book bags and school supplies to help Jasper County school children start their academic year on a positive note.  All interested residents are encouraged to contribute financially; members and residents are also collecting items for the classroom teachers: Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, and Ziploc bags (all sizes).  Again, you may drop off your gifts with the TC Office or any TCWC Board member.  

For some of the newer TC residents’ information, since its earlier conception by Mary Lou and Jimmy Jordan of Monticello, this fund has grown county-wide and provides help year-round to children in need living right here in Jasper County.  Last December for the first time MLJ asked me to be one of its “buyers” for children during the Christmas Project, and I learned “my” two children needed not only basic, warm clothing but also toothbrushes and blankets, but it was most sobering to learn the boys regularly accompanied their grandfather to Jackson Lake to fish for their meals… Please, consider helping with this worthy cause now and again at Christmas when MLJ and the Woman’s Club continue their work together.



Sue King (8/23)   Hannah Powell (8/29)  Colleen Peeters (8/30   Wendy Self (8/31)


All Turtle Cove women are welcome and encouraged to be part of The Woman’s Club, meeting at 11:00 a.m. the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  If you have questions or need transportation within Turtle Cove to the Clubhouse to join us, call Leslie at 404.272.6647.


SEPTEMBER…IT’S TIME for Labor Day (9/2), a day to savor the last, RELAXING days of summer, and is also that time when we get ready to wind down summer’s festivities with swimming parties, corn hole, golf, and tennis tournaments, skiing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, picnicking, grilling, ice cream churning, watermelon eating, neighborhood gatherings, and anything else that just about WEARS US OUT before the weekend is completed!   Thank goodness we can look forward to Read-a-Book Day (6), Grandparents Day (8), Linguine Day (15), 1st day of Fall (23), and Better Breakfast MONTH!

 The Woman’s Club Cookbook has found its way to the publisher!  The timeline between sending and then receiving a published work is approximately two months—so get ready to reserve your copies for gifting at wedding showers, birthdays, Christmas, neighborhood welcoming, and hostess events.  You may contact the TC Office ladies or any Woman’s Club Board member for further information!

Jessica Ravenel with the Jasper Co. Read-with-Me Program is ACTIVELY looking for volunteers, both men and women, to give 40 minutes 1-day-a-week reading with two primary school-age students, one at a time for 20 minutes, and working on comprehension skills and sight words.  All new volunteers will participate in a 20-minute training session.  The fall session begins Sept. 9, 2019, and ends Nov. 22, 2019; the program starts up again in late January and runs until first of April when the all-important testing begins and reading improvement will be measured.   This program is flexible; substitutes are ready to fill in at any time.  My husband and I participated all last year and believe we may have benefited as much as the children!   Call Jessica, Instructional Coach at 706.468.4968, if interested.

Jasper County’s Community Food Bank has contacted us, saying that some of the elderly clients ask for Ensure supplements.   While the food bank does get shipments of the drink, the demand far exceeds the supply.   Keep in mind the staples that are ALWAYS NEEDED: canned tomato products—paste, sauce, whole or diced— oatmeal, soup, canned fruit, and peanut butter, the last item not having been available at the JCCFB commissary for many months now.  As always, your financial contributions help tremendously; I encourage all to find the drop-off basket located in the TC office and share a bit of your largesse! 

Ladies, make plans now to attend the Woman’s Club September 17th monthly meeting where Gretchen Pruitt from Crazy Daisy’s Florists (Monticello) will instruct us with her flower-arranging expertise as well as entertain with her humorous take on life! 

Smile and remember Will Rogers’ musings: “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”


 Susie Ravenel  (9/3)  Bobbie Elkins  (9/4)  Cindi Nash  (9/18)  Jan Schubach  (9/21)

All Turtle Cove women are welcome and encouraged to be part of The Woman’s Club, meeting at 11:00 a.m. the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  If you have questions or need transportation within Turtle Cove to the Clubhouse to join us, call Leslie at 404.272.6647.