Important Information for Members and Residents

  • Your Turtle Cove member number (Ex: 01-234) is the same as your lot # and water account #. This is an important number to know!

Beginning May 1st and ending September 30th, EPD's Open Burning Ban will be enforced in 54 Georgia counties. The Open Burning Ban prohibits citizens and businesses from burning yard and land-clearing debris. This rule is in addition to the year-round state ban on the burning of household garbage. Open burning, as defined in Georgia’s Rules for Air Quality (391-3-1-.01(tt)), is any outdoor fire from which the products of combustion are emitted directly into the outdoor air without passing through a stack, chimney, or duct. Exception : Campfires or barbecues

  • 2018 Revised Rules & Regulations are posted at: Members > Forms & Documents. The revision will take effect on February 1, 2018
  • Jackson Lake Boating violations may be reported to 1-800-241-4113 (24 hrs) or 478-751-6415 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30 pm).
  • FALL GOLF COURSE HOURS: Effective immediately (10-4-17) we will be on the following fall hours Tues-Thurs 9am-5pm. Last Cart Out 3pm and all carts must be in by 5pm. Tues-Thurs check in and rent carts at the front office.  Friday 2pm-6pm Sat and Sun 9am-6pm Thank you!

  • All exterior improvements to your property require a permit from the Turtle Cove A&E committee. Failure to comply could result in fines or deconstruction of the unpermitted structure.

  • TC Covenants, section 4.01 Land Use -Before any Owner undertakes any effort whatsoever to fill, stabilize or otherwise alter the natural shoreline through the placement of any structures or the placement or removal of any materials, such Owner shall submit detailed plans therefor the Committee and shall obtain the written approval of the Committee.

  • ATV's/ORV's are not allowed on any common areas including, but not limited to, beaches, campground/ballfield, trails, power line right-of-ways and golf course.

  • ATV's are NOT allowed on Jasper County roads, including county roads in Turtle Cove.

  • Speed limit in Turtle Cove is 25 MPH, except Turtle Cove Trailway (35mph) (this does not include the TCT that cuts between Whippoorwill and TCT- speel limit posted at 25 mph). Please observe "Blind Drive" street signs.

  • Turtle Cove Roads and personal property are under the jurisdictin of Jasper County. Turtle Cove Security is responsible for common properties only.
  • No weapons allowed at any common area, including but not limited to, beach area, clubhouse, pool or golf course.
  • Jasper County has a leash law for dogs and cats. Please respect this law in our community.

  • Trash collection is every Monday, with holiday exceptions. See Advanced Disposal web site for details. Fee is charged in yearly taxes.

  • Members open meeting is held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the lounge meeting room, except for the members annual meeting held on the following Saturday, per our bylaws.

  • NOTICE: All outdoor burning must have a permit and is good only for natural vegetative materials. It is unlawful to burn man made materials such as tires, shingles, plastics, lumber, household garbage, etc.  see

  • No one under 21 years of age is allowed in the Turtle Cove Lounge after 9:00pm (info. displayed on lounge door).